Content Warning

Age Rating: Strictly 18+

Alone: Discord is a hard science fiction horror game set in the same world as the other Alone games. Set at a facility in Lucretius Crater on the Earth’s Moon, the game will be twenty-four hour time in, taking place entirely indoors.

The game will feature intense elements of body horror and psychological terror in environments designed to create moments of in-character drama and tension. There is a strong potential for pvp. Explicit elements of trauma – both physical and mental – will be present and feature in the main storyline as well as potentially in player characters’ backgrounds. Additionally, the continuous time-in element will lead to sleep-deprivation which in itself creates additional moments of stress and opportunities for bad decision making.

As with all our games, character death is a real possibility and players will be helped to prepare secondary (and possibly tertiary) characters ahead of the game. There will be a full briefing on designing characters. Kit requirements will be explicitly outlined and will not require substantial investment in order to be immersive.

Self-care will be an important focus for the structure of the game and there will be safe words (as in all the games run so far) but short of OC emergencies the game itself will continue without stopping.

The game will be fully, but basically, catered.

Although the game will feature ample opportunity to be IC murderous, politically dubious, back-stabbing and generally evil, as is normal no OC discrimination or prejudice will be tolerated. Any form of behaviour designed to make other people feel unsafe OC will result in the person involved being ejected from the game (and potentially all other games the organisers are involved in). Basically – don’t be a prick because we have no time for edgelords.